Pretending Rona Style

Pretending Rona Style Origin “Pretending Rona Style” was posted on Facebook using 1 of their backgrounds. The medical nature of the background made it an great choice for the theme of the Meme. The creator used the term “If We Have To Pretend” and “Then We Can Pretend” and applied it to “The Virus” and… Continue reading Pretending Rona Style

Jabhova Witnesses

Jabhova Witnesses Jabhova Witnesses aka Branch CoVidians aka the Church Of Biden will soon be knocking on doors. They will want to know if you have been jabbed. If not they want to know when are you planning to. They will offer both verbal and printed information. When The Jabhova Knock Rona Rhetoric offers these… Continue reading Jabhova Witnesses

Rona Rhetoric

Rona Rhetoric Welcome to Rona Rhetoric, where you decide what is Rhetoric not someone else. We intend on publishing Satire and Memes related to the Rona (a.k.a. CoVid19), however something else may post. The purpose of this site is to provide some laughs in otherwise trying times. Our hope is you will find something here… Continue reading Rona Rhetoric