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Welcome to Rona Rhetoric, where you decide what is Rhetoric not someone else. We intend on publishing Satire and Memes related to the Rona (a.k.a. CoVid19), however something else may post. The purpose of this site is to provide some laughs in otherwise trying times. Our hope is you will find something here that no only makes you smile but even #LOL!

Content Creators/Publishers

We accept User Content Submissions and you may join as a publisher. Submissions, however does not guarantee publication for Non Publishers. We offer creative minded individuals with original content Revenue Sharing and Merchandising Opportunities. There is a link sharing affiliate program in development. Sharing links to can pay. We encourage interested parties to Contact us directly to discuss how we can work together.

Rona Rhetoric Disclaimer

Anything Factual, True, or Educational is purely coincidental because it is humor. You may become enlightened and deprogrammed unless you Consume Contents Carefully! But if scared is your thing then Watch #MSM! Visit our Latest Posts Page if you want laughs and maybe a little #Truth and #Facts.

General Information

Please check our Latest Posts often for more updates and new content! For more information About Rona Rhetoric. is part of the Nope2020.Org and PublicPlatformProject.Us group of websites.