Polypodium: What is it Polypodium Hydriforme is an animal according to a number of online reference pages. It has made numerous appearances in current memes. Included on this post below are number of those memes. Also included are a number of links to various online reference material about this tiny creature. Polypodium: The Memes The… Continue reading Polypodium

All Parasites Fear

All Parasites Fear…… All Parasites Fear Ivermectin! Because it’s an Anti-Parasitic Drug and it actually kills Parasites! Bugs like those recently said/rumored to be found in the jab liquid under a microscope. Do the creepy crawlers in the jab die from Ivermectin treatment? I am not scientifically qualified to answer that question, but what do… Continue reading All Parasites Fear

Everlasting Jobstopper

Everlasting Jobstopper Everlasting Jobstopper pays homage to the Movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” starring Gene Wilder. This meme features the Wonka character, however with Anthony Fauci’s face, and the Jobstopper. The Candyman is holding the “Jobstopper”, looking like the Rona, and making a proclamation. He Proclaims the Rona to be the “Everlasting Jobstopper”… Continue reading Everlasting Jobstopper

Jabhova Witnesses

Jabhova Witnesses Jabhova Witnesses aka Branch CoVidians aka the Church Of Biden will soon be knocking on doors. They will want to know if you have been jabbed. If not they want to know when are you planning to. They will offer both verbal and printed information. When The Jabhova Knock Rona Rhetoric offers these… Continue reading Jabhova Witnesses