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Rona Rhetoric: Is a site “Where You Decide What Is Rhetoric”, not some Paid Independent Fact Checker with an agenda. We are always working on the site and content. Content Creators, Publishers, and Editors are always welcome and wanted. Check our Contact page for more information.

We will be publishing a variety of Satire and Memes related to the Rona a.k.a. CoVid19 to our Latest Posts page regularly. The intended purpose of this site is to provide some laughs in otherwise trying times. Our hope is you will find something here that makes you smile or even #LOL!

Rona Rhetoric and Censorship does not have the censorship you find on #SocialMedia platforms. We post it, you decide how to take it.
We believe in #FreeSpeech, even if we don’t agree.

When you believe the virus is safer than the socalled vaccine.
From Experts without any Accreditation
To Masks Tainted With Toxins for the #MaskHoles
The Cult Of CoVid worships at the altar of the #MSM and the TV Screen.
To #MSM #FearPorn and #MediaWorship

Fact or Fiction You Decide

We publish all sorts of items, some based in #Fact, some purely #Fictional. As always you research and decide how to use our posts. We pledge that our content is no less accurate than anything published in the #MSM.

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Please check our Latest Posts often for more updates and new content! is part of the Nope2020.Org and PublicPlatformProject.Us group of websites.